Detect non-sprite clicks

Today my BJC class worked on U1L1-Click-Alonzo. One of my students had the bright idea to count on-sprite and off-sprite clicks to be able to report accuracy percentage. Detecting off-sprite clicks though, is tricky. This is all I could figure out, is there a better way?


That's not a bad way to do it.

Another thing you could try is to make another sprite with a costume that's the size of the stage and transparent, behind Alonzo, and use when I am clicked with that one.

Clever idea, by the way!

Is there a reason to not use it on Stage
untitled script pic (72)

Ah yes, that's great! I didn't realize the Stage gets its own scripting area

Brilliant! I didn't realize the stage has WHEN I AM.

I think the only blocks the stage doesn't have are:

  • all Motion blocks
  • most Looks blocks
  • some, maybe most, Pen blocks

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