Detect if I am a clone?

I.e., for this:

(my [temporary? v]::sensing)

@warped_wart_wars what is your question?

Clones don't necessarily have to be [scratchblocks]my [temporary v] :: sensing reporter[/scratchblocks]:
Screenshot (62)

I knew that, that pretty much the closest thing you can do to detecting if it is a clone without JavaScript.

I just realized:
untitled script pic (39)
Screenshot (63)
The back one is the original, the front one is the clone.

Yes - you check to see if you have a parent - if you do then your a clone - if not then your not a clone

To be slightly pedantic :slight_smile: my parent doesn't return a boolean true or false - it returns a reference to its parent or empty text so I use


to check to see if its not a clone

Not a practical concern but always good practice in any programming language to know what your dealing with :slight_smile:

It acts as a boolean in boolean inputs, though.


Yes, I saw that.

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