Deleting and creating sprites used to exist in BYOB, so why was it removed?

In BYOB 3, you could do this:
So why was it removed?


I don't know why, as I think there's none-thing wrong with this block. Try using JavaScript.

We really need Jens to answer this, but I don't think it was a specific decision. Mostly, that DELETE block served the same purpose as the one we now call INHERIT (because the old name confused people): allowing a clone to replace its own attribute/variable/method with a reference to its parent's one.

But you can't delete sprites with the Inherit block like you can in BYOB.

Yeah, I know. I'm not denying that what you say is true. You asked why it was removed, and I'm answering by saying it wasn't really a goal in BYOB either; we just made it work for a lot of things. Maybe we should do that again; I'm not against that. Just, with INHERIT we were after what for us was the main use case of DELETE.