Deleted topics showing up in my feed are SO ANNOYING!

The other day, I saw a topic show up in my feed on Snap! which, in the description, it said "(topic deleted by author)". This was so annoying as it's pure clickbait. The fact that the Snap! Forums show deleted topics, is super annoying. Please fix that.

No support, Discourse waits 24 hours before deleting a topic and that's how it's supposed to be.

How so?


The reason it appears there and waits is just in case the writer needs to undelete for some reason. For example, if they accidentally deleted it.

That's probably not something that can be easily modified with a setting. The developers would have to take time to look at how Discourse works and change its internal code, which nobody has time for.
Also, Discourse waits 24 hours before garbage-collecting deleted topics, so they're shown in case the author wants to undelete it later.

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