Delete all but first of a sprites costumes

This deletes all of a sprite costumes

and this will delete the 2nd costume


so I tried this to delete all but the 1st costume but it doesn't seem to do anything


A. Why?
B. Anyone got another method that works

In one of my projects, I remember having the same challenge, i.e. deleting all but the first costume, and I solved it, however I can't say exactly how I did it and which project it was; it should be one of those where an input image is processed and the output image is stored as costume... will look into them...

Well, it turned out I only deleted a costume, if there were more than one costumes, which prevented the issue from arising altogether (since there were never more than one of them).

all but first of is a function not a reference. So you end up deleting all items in a new temporary list that you're creating, and that doesn't show anywhere.

Of course :slight_smile:

Sorted with


untitled script pic (37)

Does your solution work because inputs are defined (and stored) in advance, so the item 1 is safe despite being deleted before being added back?

untitled script pic (1)

All but first:


Delete it:

Jens reminded Simon of this, but I am sure Simon already knew (just temporarily forgot) it.

here's an easy way

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