Dear Computer Science Teachers (MS)

Middle School 5th (my middle school started at 5th) to 8th.

Based on experience:
A lot of things that the average middle schooler learns the computer criteria is about online safety, social media, graphic design, etc. Yes I did not say computer science because a lot of computer science classes do not talk about coding that much or not at all for most of middle school. A lot of students think coding is boring, too hard, not fun, and all that. Most teachers introduce coding with a few simple things then go to a bit more complex project style but these projects are good to teach them, it may give them an impression that coding is boring. I suggest some game like projects.

Something that I really think is important is you may have a student who is really into computer science. If you know that they are good at it you could give them more complex projects.

speaking the mind of a student to teachers

Thank you to all teachers.

You'll be pleased to know that my Berkeley colleague Dan Garcia and my EDC colleague Mary Fries, among others, are developing a BJC middle school curriculum as we speak. (Only it's not going to be called that, because there's no reason high school freshmen couldn't take it.)

Usually, learning your first programming language is hard. But after you learn one, learning another is a breeze.
For example, I know: Python, Bash, and JavaScript.

But some students think it is so hard that they will never learn it so they do not try.