Dcode- text coding

i made a text coding thing. 90% by me! check it out! i cant put link bc it glitched

Here are some commands:
say (anything)
move (number)
turn (number)
wait (number)
set 1 (anything)
set 2 (anything)
set 3 (anything)
set x (number)
set y (number)
beep (number)
point (number)
toggle pen (nothing)
clear pen (nothing)

don't forget your quotes (unless using variables)!

you need to copy and paste the link

What do you mean? Did you work on this with someone?

i used custom blocks from other people

i put them in a category

i need the link

how are we supposed to check it out then?
just click the link button at the top of the markdown section

i tried and it didnt work. mabye ill put this in bugs and glitches?

just search dcode- text coding

there are a big bunch of undefined blocks

im confused

are you talking about the custom error blocks

i open the project in a new tab and see them. mabye its a glitch. i used js block to make categories. and they gome.

alright should be fixed. try reloading.

blocks of custom categories become undefined after reloading the project

i fugured out how to get around it i think.

edit: nvm

Open it, run this javascript code once and save the project:

world.children[0].stage.globalBlocks.forEach((value, index) => {
if (!this.categories.includes(value.category)){
value.category = 'control';
world.children[0].stage.globalBlocks[index] = value;
}}, this)

This should switch all the blocks of custom categories to blocks in the control category, so they'll be accessible easily and won't delete themselves when you save.
Then you just need to replace all the undefined blocks with those.

ok thanks bc im a javascript noob

uhhhhhh where do i put this in

ok i fugured it out where do i put it?