Dark theme for Flat Design

When you turn on flat design it turns everything to light theme, please make an option for flat design dark theme! My eyes burn!

The question is, why do you find flat design desirable?

I agree with you that dark is better, but I don't think Jens is likely to put any effort into skins any time soon.

Currently it's not possible in vanilla snap. A while ago, I did make a userscript to do it, but I haven't updated it for snap 7.0. If you're wondering, here it is Snap Dark Flat Theme note, this will remove some options in the options menu.

What's Flat Design?

you don't want to look at it...

Oh, okay.

it's... so bright

I like the flat design for its... well, flat design. It is quite bright, but I use it all the time.

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