Custom Categories

please don't promise features that I won't agree to.

Sorry. It wasn't a promise; I did say "I hope." But I didn't remember you being so much against this solution; we can talk about it if we ever get to see each other again...

Yeah, I just don't want to raise false expectations. Custom categories is definitely on my list of very-much-wanted features, but I don't see it coming soon. And every-custom-block-also-in-a-central-category is something I actually oppose.


I don't know if you know or tested, but if one enters Motion into the "remove category __" block of yours, following happens:
Click # Result
1 nothing
2 nothing
3 Variables disappears
4 Pen disappears
5 Operations disappears
6 Sound disappears
7 Sensing disappears
8 Looks disappears
9 Control disappears
10 Motion disappears

If one creates a NEW category, eg TEST, then if "remove category Motion" is clicked, TEST disappears, followed by all the others as listed above.

Reloading SNAP restores all categories.

A bit unsteady and very unforgiving ! Maybe there should be some checks and warnings !

The actual category name is motion (that string stored), but when categories are created, the first letter automatically capitalized.