Custom Blocks 2: By Joecooldoo



He's still talking to me.


He's been talking to me through direct messaging on the website.

Ill dlete him


Add me to the group chat.

I don't know how

Well then.

Jeez the chat is literally impossible to type on... it keeps deleting text.

Laggy just reload

I just deleted chat entirely

Now he is gone completely lol

I don't get the point of hidden vars. Why would they be useful? Anyone can press the "all" block and so it's not very hidden...

You dont need to export the "all" block. Thats just while your developing.

What about the message block? They can see them through that.

That's if you use custom messages. It only deletes the last letter because when it gets recieved it adds a space to the end to stop repetitive looping.

I mean they can see all vars through the prim message block.

Yes. Just dont use it. They are all not meant to be joined together unless mentioned in the comments.