Custom Blocks 2: By Joecooldoo

Unacceptable. I'm coding IP banning now.

Wait, what are you talking about?

Hehe I put this as the banned page: "You are an idiot. You have been banned. Well, because your an idiot."

Also delete their posts. They have multiple accounts, I reported them all. Make sure to ban all.

Im dealing with him
hold on

Added proper JSON detection!

@bh Can I have your opinion on my blocks?

Can you add a JS detection block without an error pop up?

It has to be in snap 7

YES! the spammer has lost. Hehe I have a thing called "trusted members". This was his response:


They flooded me 13k lol, so thankful for select all in my email.

Select all unread is the best


The thing is, it all got sent to my tempmail lol

Got sent to my personal.

If anybody has any requests, I'll try to make them!

I made a blog post:

Doesn't seem to have worked very well :frowning:

Somebody just messaged me with curse words, because of course...

Its the same guy.