Custom block shop

yea, probably, but then why did you ask for them? helped me with a lot of coding,

good for you.


ok i finished the project of cookies, i could not do web storage because its too complicated
here is the link click here

I think local storage is easier because it has easy methods:

localStorage.setItem("key", "value");

but for cookies (which may have expiration dates), they are stored in a single string and are more complicated to remove or access.

hey @helicoptur?

ok, but you said

and @pumpkinhead said

i know how to make a block to make a circle, not a square with curved corners
which is it

the curved corner is a section of a circle

it was easy to do cookies, but thanks for some of the JS code, i wish w3schools had more code in it

MDN is another good resource.

no it was not me i made a script pic of someone's block

It's only been 12 minutes.

It's a primitive.
untitled script pic (13)
Just use "color from rgba" with it.

yeah @helicoptur

hm, i don't understand so much, but ok

shake (x power) (y power) (long)

x = x pos
y = y pos
sx = x power
sy = y power
repeat (long)
goto x: (x + random (sx * -1) to sx) y: (y + random (sy * -1) to sy)
sx = sx - 1
sy = sy - 1
if sx < 0 =
set sx = 0
if sy < 0 =
set sy = 0
i'm sorry if something is bad, werid. :dizzy_face:

aslo good artwork! :wink:

it's a custom block shop, not a topic to tell what code for custom blocks to add.

that's right... sorry! i didn't understand what is literally custom block shop.