Custom block parameter not populated inside block

I don't know how this happened, this is a copy of a script one of my students was working on. Somehow the nsteps parameter got corrupted, and even though a 5 is passed in, the nsteps inside the custom block is ''. The workaround is to remove nsteps from the 'set da (ea-sa)/nsteps' and drag a fresh nsteps in from the hat block.

This the reason but no way of knowing whether it was a bug, a series of accidental mouse work or playing around :slight_smile:

I'd go for the later

Either reprimand them for wasting your time or congratulate them on their prank :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn't see that custom reporter there called nsteps! I'm pretty sure it must have been accidental mouse work.


Unfortunate coincidence (design choice?) that the input parameter chiclet and the custom reporter look identical

It can't have been a prank, all my students are perfect little angels -- as pure as the driven snow, every last one of them!


ho ho funny lmao

yeah... I just checked...