CROPPER - Program to crop pictures

Per inspiration provided by Brian Harvey.

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It's cool! But is there a way to delete the part of the picture that is outside of the picture crop lines? Or do you have to look into the coding to do that? :)


I think the user interface needs work. :~) The initial position of the crop lines at the edges of the stage made it hard for me to drag them. I was imagining using arrow keys for positioning, finding a way to move by tens until clicking somewhere makes it be by ones.

Nice project :slight_smile:

I came up with this option to replace the goto 0 0 block so that the cropped image stays inside the crop area as I think it looks bit nicer.


Chopper Sprite is ony the cropped part.

You can thicken the lines for easier aim.

I'll add the arrow movements in the next RELEASE :joy::joy::joy: .

Now displays the cropped area's size.
And incorporates @cymplecy's suggestion of displaying the cropped image within the cropped region.