Creating a health bar for a miniboss

Im trying to make a health bar for a boss in my game. The boss will spawn after killing an enemy space ship. (for testing)

The boss lives until the variable "miniboss_health" reached <0. This variable could be used for making a health bar that represents the "miniboss_health" variable. Im just cant figure out how.

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Ask if you want more information.

You can make a series of costumes representing the health indicator you want in advance.
The simplest one, made by overdrawing a wide lines of different colors and thicknesses (in 10 steps).
can be made with
untitled script pic - 2023-04-29T231142.801

You can attach such a sprite to your boss and switch costume when nedded (health 0-100%).
untitled script pic - 2023-04-29T225007.776

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