Crash Snap! blocks

I think @jens was worried about these types of projects when he said "Snap! Javascript could be used to hack and such..."

I think by "hack" he meant things such as downloading a virus, stealing personal information, etc. This sort of thing (crashing Snap! with JS) is at most annoying to the user.


Yes, what else did you have in mind?

I think "annoying" covers that.

Wow so many deleted posts

Alternatively, if you do not want to modify Snap!, [scratchblocks]numbers from (1) to (insert very big number here :: grey) :: list reporter[/scratchblocks] will crash when called by certain blocks, including but possibly not limited to:

  1. the Say & Think blocks
  2. Reporting the crash reporter
  3. Calling the crash reporter(?)
  4. Putting the crash reporter in most Operators reporters, then activating the combined reporter by a feasible meaning
  5. Setting to or changing variables by it
  6. Adding the crash reporter to a list (without wrapping it in a ring)
  7. Creating a new sound using the new sound reporter and using the crash reporter as the input list, then activating the combined reporter by one of the above means

(basically the "say/think large strings method" but without modding Snap!.)

that works because the reporter is just making the browser run out of memory.

I put in (numbers (1) to (numbers (1) to (10000)) and it crashed it very quickly.

by pressing the okay button

There's no OK button...

then it glitched, reload

and your browser knows that this is called snap and says "Aw,Snap!"

Mine odes it too, I think it was either put in by the Snap! developers or mien and their crash page is literally aw snap.

Aw,snap(the snap means the sound of breaking something into 2 halves)

their crash page is literally Aw, Snap!

guys "aw, snap!" is something some people say when something bad happens, it is not related to snap at all

Nope. That's just the page that appears when any site freezes. The whole "Snap!" thing is a complete coincidence. @earthrulerr @bfdifan2013snap

The reason the page crashed, was because it ran out of memory (you can see by looking at the image).