Countdown until 2020

Does something special happen 1/1/2020, aside from the usual New Year celebration?

New decade

Maybe I will add something. But this was just a fun idea for 5-minute-scripting.

Oh, I didn't mean "Does your program do something special when the count reaches zero?" What I meant to ask was, "Is there something real-world special about that date that inspired you to count down to it?"

New decade.

Maybe there should be fireworks. This NetLogo fireworks simulator could be rewritten in Snap!

Go ahead.

Like this?


Great project!

Oh, that looks nice! Feel free to remix the project!

I cannot foresee the future... As I said it's just for fun.

Exactly. Very nice. Particularly like the use of transparency.

Interesting is, that it runs fluently.

Not as my old fireworks screensaver.

How to remix projects?

whoa! that's awesome!

Indeed, awesome. In real fireworks events, every so often they send up several at once. That's a possible improvement.

You can do that, but it tends to cause it to lag, with the amount of clones being created all at once.

Really? We should be able to handle, what, 50 clones? @jens has run projects with way more than that. It might be worthwhile to figure out exactly what in your project slows Snap! down enough to notice.