Could the default Help for a function show input arg names?

Even if there is no explicit Help defined it would be useful to show:
func name + arg names

If user has defined Help then still show the prefix func name + arg names

You're making the assumption that the input names are meaningful to a user, e.g., incorporating type information. I suppose that's sometimes true, and your proposal would be better than nothing if there's no programmer-defined help screen. But it there is one, I would expect it to do a better job of explaining what each input means in the procedure.

Even if there is help, and even if input names were not crafted to be user-meaningful, good help text often needs to refer to each input variable and this makes it easier.

NetsBlox goes a step further with their RPCs and messages. When they build a block for the workspace, they not only put in the correct holes, but put the names of those inputs (or named attributes of the message type) into those holes as shadow placeholders. Immensely helpful, and would be great to have for all Snap blocks.


Should I post the lower half of this as a separate feature request for how Snap blocks themselves are displayed?

Oh that's an interesting idea. So when you drag such a block out of the palette are those placeholder names still there? And if you start typing into the slot, do they disappear? Because you can sort of do that by giving default values to the inputs, but then you have to work a little to get rid of those values when you want to enter your own values.


When you press a key while editing it, it disappears, but apparently if you click in the slot, press an arrow key, then type, the name reappears as regular text.

Huh. Okay, I'll put it on the someday list...

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