Could i legally publish my Snap! game to a online store?

(Note: I'm not saying I am doing this, I'm just wondering)

I haven't read the ToS since last month so i may have forgotten if this is allowed or not but,
If I were to hypothetically create a game on the Snap! Editor, do all the nerdy conversion, export and submit it to something like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Would I receive a cease and desist letter from Snap? Or is it allowed. I'm just curious because if I ever published a game that i made in Snap! and it went to the moon, like what would happen?

Just wondering.

read the faq page FAQ - Snap! Forums

also important to consider is the rules for wherever you're trying to post it, if you actually could find a way to convert it, and why you would make it in snap (snap would probably be pretty terrible for phone apps, it runs poorly, can't use multi-finger input, can't interface with anything else on the phone, and probably more)

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