Cool fractal tree!

Hi! I’ve been working hard on a really cool fractal tree project!

Check it out!

Fractals are amazing, aren't they?

I have two suggestions for improvements:

First, either pick an angle larger than 15 degrees or make the angle a user setting. I say this because you recommend level 8-15, but beyond level 8, even at your largest recommended size, the top of the tree turns into a blur, in which you can't see the structure. I know that may be what you want for the leafy top of the tree, but it means there really isn't much visible difference between level 9 and level 15.

Second, all those ASK AND WAIT interactions kind of feel like the tail wagging the dog; there's more effort in the setup than in the actual fractal! Instead, projects controlled by numbers like this one call out for sliders. (You know how to change the watcher format, since you changed them from small format to large format; just pick slider format instead, and then you can set the lower and upper limits instead of putting your recommended ranges in the instructions.)