Cool custom blocks! (Part 1)

ChromeOS is based on Linux.

I didn't make the block, @coder2195snap did. (please don't get mad at me hes in the creedits) ask him

No, that's correct.

(Also they're suspended for a month so probably not going to get an answer)

I don't understand

(Please quote the part you are talking about next time.)
Chrome OS isn't really its own recognized operating system, so the browser agent says it's running on Linux. Because it basically is. Chrome OS runs/is based on on Linux.

Wow! This is so cool and useful!

It got my browser wrong, but everything else was accurate.

What did it say your browser was and what actually is your browser?

It said I was using Goole Chrome and I was actually using DuckDuckGo.

Browser != Search Engine

No, I'm using the DuckDuckGo app on Android.

The app must use Chrome then.

Why did you reply to me anyway? I didn't make that block.

Sorry, I'm not used to the forums.

thank you! also, welcome to the forums.

i didn't make it,

@bh can you please make this topic not close 30 days after the last reply?

he can do that?

Why? What is the point you can still go back to it. Also HERE COMES PART 1!

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