Cool custom blocks! (Part 1)

sounds like "time in milliseconds"

fine, then how about "analog time"?


What does it report?

Custom blocks script pic (12)
'Analog time' is the best synonym I could think of for it because 'full time' could imply epoch time.

12-hour time? I think that's the standard.


what, why did I bump, I thought I didn't.

I have some more custom blocks here:
custom blocks by kcsnapuser - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (
I really hope this is visible to anyone trying to view it

Feel free to add them to the big project.

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A few things about this:
You can just use the join block to report text, reporters can be put in boolean slots. But I'm not sure why you would want to use text in a boolean input.
Just use the say block
Booleans can be put into reporter slots.

sorry, but those blocks are too simple.

Yeah, the text boolean and boolean reporter ones were just for fun.
The say command/reporter/predicate may be more useful though

I found them too simple to add. also he/she EDITED her/his post AFTER i posted.

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People have been flagging your post, but the name of this thread is broad enough that you can be excused for thinking that anyone's custom blocks go here. But actually @sathvikrias started this thread for their own project, and if you have a new one to share you should really start your own thread in "Share Your Projects." Thanks.

Ok, I will make a new topic. Thanks!

would anyone like to suggest a block?

After the the First-class colors are completed, you can add some additions to it.

thanks, I almost forgot.