Concept for public profiles

Just something I made as a concept.

I think it just looks a bit cleaner.

I'm not seeing the difference... probably something obvious that I'll be embarrassed not to have noticed when you explain it.

The following button being moved across the username on the right side.

oh and also a join date, and maybe like a status feature

Join date is plausible. "A status feature" sounds like the first step toward a Facebookian distopia. I guess I have no opinion on moving that button but that's okay, Bernat reads the forum when he can fit it into his schedule.

i don't see the point of a status feature. what would someone use it for? if you need to tell them something, they'll see it later, if you want them to tell you something, ask and wait. i can't think of anything on snap that requires both people be there at the same time, or is even improved much by both people being there at the same time


sorry I forgot, Now that I'm thinking, it wouldn't be good to have it (both ways.)

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