Computer goes crazy because i made a custom block

i was doing Snap! like normal, so i made a custom block, but then the google tab said "Aw Snap! something went wrong! blah blah blah" and then everything had to restart! this also happend when i did numbers 1 to (insert extremely large number here) what is going on?

i use a school computer(chromebook)

it just crashed the browser tab. you can also do this with image

That doesn't crash the browser tab, it just slows snap to a crawl

what is really happening is that snap has run out of memory. Try not to use extremely large numbers, lists, etc. If you have to, then make sure to save the project before you run any scripts involving large data.

The JavaScript function isn't returning a value, so the call wouldn't have a speech balloon with a result. Snap! blocks keep evaluating their input until it has a value (other than undefined).

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