Community costumes

add the ability to add your own costumes to a community costume place. but it would be checked. there could also a community library for custom code blocks that would also be checked

Sounds good, but not until we have more moderation staff...

Maybe a simpler feature would be backpack.

Yes, backpack is on everyone's list. We'll get to it. This seems to go on forever, but we are still in putting-out-fires mode, either disasters like losing people's projects or things we really need to make teachers happy like conforming with all the relevant privacy laws.

the community can moderate

Umm, no. They tried appointing community moderators at Scratch and it didn't work, not because they didn't do a good job, but because they ended up reading all the pornography people post everywhere they can, and it's not a good idea to ask kids to subject themselves to that.

Also, we have some legal liability for things posted on our site, and we can't really hand off that obligation.

It may be that community moderation will help, but it'll never be the entire solution.

PS So far we haven't had any real problems, knock on wood, but that's because we're still a small community. I think we have to plan for the worst case.