colour touching colour is only for sprites

I made a pull request to remove the only: SpriteMorph line below the colour touching colour block but it was closed. Why is the block only for SpriteMorph? It does not use the sprite it is on in any way, and works fine on the stage. It is true that scratch is the same way, but I still do not see why.

The stage doesn't have color collision methods. Simply removing one line of code - as your PR did - neither magically implements those methods nor adds those blocks to the stage's palette. Did you test your PR at all before issuing it to the repo? What did you try? Did any of it work?

you can put the block in the stage, but if you try to run it, it throws the error "Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined", so the block doesn't work in the stage.

It works for me. Are you using 6.0? I tested a bunch of different values in a gradient against another gradient at 45 degrees, and it always gave the same results as the same block on a sprite, though I did not check for the correct results. Have I done something to interfere with chrome? I have firefox 77.0.1, so I tested it on that.

well, I was using 5.4.5, but then I tested it in 6.0 and it gave the same result. I even checked with microsoft edge, wait... the new edge uses chrome...

I figured out that I was using a local copy of snap that I have edited before, and didn't put back correctly, so it doesn't work properly. Sorry.