Cloud server v1

Do you guys seee the result when I drag?

Which is?

I got an error, and can't join:

Unexpected token 'R', 'REQUEST' is not valid JSON

I got it after typing in my name.

ik. ignore it

I got that too when I wasn't in edit mode. Also, why and how are there 2 of @avi_shor?

i guess the leaving server thing didnt work so well

Ok, a lot of weirdness. 2 of people, some weird person named A on here, a few errors, etc.

Hahahahahahahahahah lol

Really! I'm being truthful!

I like to type in random letters sometimes and words that make no sense
Off-topic:one time I made a projec5 and I named it AAAAAAAAAA

So that's YOU!?


everyone off. join in 5 min


Timer set.

k please dont use a username 2 times. for now i dont want to code a system to check usernames

Ok, I get it you don't want to do it now.

3 players doesnt seem to work and i cant tell why

Ok. Neither do I.

Uhh....WHO IS "TEST" AND "TEST2"!?

please click stop before leaving