Clones shooting other clones

So, I'm kinda new here, so this may be obvious to a lot of people, but it sure as heck isn't obvious to me.

So, in my game, enemies are temporary clones of a sprite called "enemy".
Also in my game, projectiles are temporary clones of a sprite called "bullet_enemy".
How would one create a projectile (a temporary clone of the sprite "bullet_enemy") at the position of any given enemy (which are temporary clones of the sprite "enemy")?

Long story short, how do I create a temporary clone of one sprite at the position of a different sprite's temporary clone?

I know that didn't make any sense, but I don't know how else to describe it.


Well, except presumably it isn't always supposed to be the first clone.

@megagryphon3, can you tell us more about how you know which clone you want? Is it the enemy clone that decides to make a bullet? In that case you could just use @snapenilk's solution but with

IUntitled script pic (1)
Yo, thanks. I toyed with a thing or two and this got this. It ended up working just as I wanted.

In that case you don't need the "with inputs my self" part. (Click the left arrow.)