Clones randomly deleting

my students code is randomly deleting clones once they create 15-20 clones. We can't figure out why. Can anyone help?

theres no clones

Can you clarify what you're trying to use clones for, it looks like the only time you use clones is inside 'when x is pressed block'. If you're trying to put an X over wrong guesses you might better suited using the stamp function.

This program creates an exponentially increasing number of clones, and eventually it runs against the limit of 5000 clones of a sprite. The culprit is this script:
untitled script pic
which is run not only by the original script, but also by all its clones. So the number of clones doubles each time. To fix it, do this:
untitled script pic (1)

You should have a FAQ for the exponetial clones problem
I saw this kind of problems thrice this week!!!

i, too, have saw this thrice

Okay, I'll write a FAQ.

Thrice means three times.

Oh... okay?

And if you want to extend that, you can: quarce, quince...

Huh, quince sounds okay, but I never thought a word like "quarce" could exist.

I originally thought it'd be "quadrice".

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