Clones exponentially increasing

When I am creating a clone of a sprite it will create a clone of the sprite but also a clone of a clone that is on the stage. Is there any way for me to only have a clone of the original sprite and not other clones of it?

code for this is in Sprite(4) & Sprite(5)

Snap Proj link


See here for explanation

Welcome to the forums! Another way to avoid this is to expand the arrow on the broadcast-block and let it send only to the parent object. That way you can prevent the clones from also recieving the message.

untitled script pic

[Problem now solved]
In the original code, the cloning code was in the cloned sprite. I realized that the clones use the same code as the original code so I put the cloning code in the "gun" sprite (can be put in any other sprite as long as it is not in the sprite for cloning). After moving the code there is no more exponential increase in the clones when rapidly firing. Thanks for the responses, everyone.

Snap is not scratch.Clones can have clones.

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