Choosing some items from a list

Try this:

Write an expression that will select all the words of at least five letters from a list. For example, if the words in the list are being, for, the, benefit, of, mister, and kite, then your block should choose the words being, benefit, and mister.

I don't think we should do your homework for you. But I have a question. What new Snap! feature did you just learn in the lab?

(keep items {<(length())>4>} from ())

Hi, @sontse07, welcome to the Snap! forum!
You could do,

For all items in (list):
    if <(length(item(i) of (list)) > (5)>
        add(item(i) of (list)) to (a new list)

Do you think this would work for your purposes?
Or could you think of a better way?

Thank you for your reply. I am not looking for someone to do my work for me but I am looking or help. I have spent many hours trying to troubleshooting this issue and snap! is not very helpful in terms of explanation.

I have just learned to make list, list by order , search list by letter.

Also, thank you all for your reply's I will work on it right not and see where I get. Thank you again.

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