Choose where newlines are made in a block

I know that you can make a line break in a custom block by putting $nl, but is there any way to make it so a text and input are 'linked' and stick together. For example, in this custom block, Complex Fibonacci Part 2 script pic (2), would there be a way to make it so that the '#ticks' text and the input after it are treated as one thing for the purposes of line-wrapping, so that they would always be next to each other? Hope this makes sense!

I want that too. Right now, the best you can do is put $nl before and after the pair.

I thought of another application:

[scratchblocks] squares x:(-10)-(10)y:(-20)-(0) | x:(-10)-(10) y:(5)-(25) @delInput @addInput::motion [/scratchblocks]

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