ChatGPT addiction - a check(sub)list

I made a sublist (based on the 20-items long list, you can read here), with those I find most funny. In quite a few of them, I can recognize myself and can laugh at myself. I think someone could turn them into a standup comic (sub-)routine ; - )

#1 click to open/close
  • 9:03 PM = “ChatGPT you’re a life saver! Thank you, thank you!”

  • 9:05 = “You suck, you silly, useless, stupid piece of…"

  • 9:07 = "OMG, you’re amazing! I love you!”

#2 open/close
  • You blow your birthday candle and wish for more “tokens.”
#3 open/close
  • You keep your best prompts a closely guarded secret, and will only reveal them on your deathbed, to your paying grandchildren.
#4 open/close
  • You tell your goldfish, “I want you to act as a prized Labrador retriever…”
#5 open/close
  • For the life of you, you can’t imagine how you survived with just Google Search.

P. S. What is this about?

After posting the above post in forum, I copy-pasted it to ChatGPT and asked it "What is this about?" Here's the answer provided by ChatGPT:

  • "This is a list of humorous statements related to being addicted to ChatGPT, a language model like myself. The sublist you have provided includes some of the funniest items from the original list you linked. It seems like you can relate to these statements and find them amusing, even seeing yourself in some of them."

  • ChatGPT even commented on formatting choice.

  • By using the "open/close" formatting, you've made it possible for others to easily view the items... It's a clever way to present the content and share your preferences."

I checked the full list, and the only one that even kind of applies to me is "Your favorite websites are now beginning to miss you. They wonder if you’ve suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.". And that's mainly caused by Minecraft. However, about a month or two ago, I was using quite a bit.

All that AI computing power in the world…and your still bad at Math.

and grammar