The snap manual has been changed since today,

It wasnt here a week ago.

No, I have a six months old version and that includes it.

By the way, this topic is in a wrong category. It deserves being in the Materials category.

The (append = =)block is only in snap 6.0 beta which is a week ago.

No, that is a part of the List Utilities library.

Besides, even if it was changed, the changed would not have been visible in pre-downloaded copies.

Waiting for @bh and @jens and @cycomachead and @cymplecy and @jguille2

Being not clear what crossproduct input list: is about (and why the name small was chosen) I tried to find the example in the manual. The index says page 51 but it is on page 52 (not a big deal but searching for crossproduct didn't find it).

I think it would be great if examples like this had a link to a project that enabled one to play with it.

Yeah, someday. And, you know, it's the Cartesian cross product, just like they taught you in Discrete Math back when we were young. :~)

P.S. It's next to impossible to get active links in Postscript files on the Mac because of some stupid pissing contest between Apple and Adobe.