Change default morph attributes

I have changed the editor, script area, etc. to colors that I like, but when I reload it, they revert back to default. Is there some way to change the default colors/attributes of morphs? Thanks!

No, we don't let you change Snap's sources on the official server. The message here is this: We're programming Snap! much in the same way as we're programming with Snap, by playing with a live system, and we're letting you explore this side of the system on your own. We're not locking this up or making it otherwise hard for you to access. Morphic can be cool to dig in and play with yourself, e.g. in dev mode. But, folks, mainly these tools are there - and we've written them - so that we can debug issues in Snap!, and so that we can maintain Snap with an extremely small team of programmers over a long time - more than a decade - while still expanding the scope of what's possible every couple of months. We're absolutely not interested in teaching JS, and we also don't expect you to learn Morphic.

See, the principle here is that we're letting you see our tools and even letting you play with them, but we don't support you when you leave user mode.

I get what your saying, but would there a way to store those changes locally and load them up whenever I want to use them?

Have you considered

And i like how the download page(not completely manually) says " 1. There is no step 3.".

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