Challenge: make one sprite fill the screen with pen in the optimal way

Rules: 1. You cannot use the stamp block or any other blocks using pen other than pen down and clear.
2. You cannot change the sprite size or pen size it has to stay default. This includes changing costumes.
3. Only use blocks of code no JavaScript allowed.
4. Share you're project/optimal ideas in this forum page only
5. It has to fill the viewable screen completely.
6. Clones are not allowed

have fun!

Example here Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
cybersteve547's Code is currently the most optimal for a 100% fill that fits within the rules (its instant!) Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
starbox614's code is the most optimal and compact way of filling the screen!

More in depth to the rules of the sprite having to do the work itself: The sprite has to do the filling and the stage cannot be abused. You HAVE to use the pen down block making the fastest printer possible not recoloring the stage. (Why I didn't put the rules so in depth is because I didn't think that they would be loopholed)

Not a 100% fill, but in a pinch, close enough.
untitled script pic (8)

simple sweeping up and down approach:
EDIT: optimized a bit

untitled script pic (38)


untitled script pic (36)

untitled script pic

if i had access to all of the blocks I would only need untitled script pic (1)

Bzzt! That violates the second rule...

I don't see anything in the rules to rule out cloning.

the title says with pen

Why not clone resize a pen?

Step 1: import the “PENcil a” costume (close enough, isn’t it?)
Step 2:
untitled script pic 152
… and the full screen is left yellow.

one sprite

ah yes
EDIT: oh, you cant change the sprite size


This is still technically a clone according to snaps engine

I made this

This technically abides to the rules. You didn’t say anything about drawing it only with pen
It doesn’t even need pen actually you can just provide the rgba values you want

the title does say "fill the stage WITH PEN" though...

in my opinion that means the binary computer script pic block should report the filled costume

This does also technically use pen so it is filling it with pen, just not pen trails

Changing the color doesn’t “use” the pen either


Coder_07 is right only one sprite is allowed and clones are a violation of the one sprite rule.

okay then just remove the clone block

clones arent sepearate sprites too

oh i see now you edited the rules to exclude cloning, very clever

but have you considered this?

and before you say no other sprites
untitled script pic (13)

one sprite, no more, no less.

yeah that is only one sprite, the stage isnt a sprite