Category for Misc. Topics?

Could there be a category called something like "Fun" or "Random" for other random topics that don't necessarily relate to Snap! since there's no comments system on projects? Just a thought.

No, because Jens said himself that this forum is for talking about programming in Snap! and Snap! only.

hmm :confused: what if somebody wants to start a community here like the ones on scratch? where will they chat?

They don't.


(for context, i've wanted to move my community to snap! due to its additional features, some of which i've wanted in scratch but were never added. we discuss graphic design, and i don't know where we would talk on here if not in the forums.)

Create a collab.

a what
wait do you mean studios?


uhhhh i still dont know what you mean
are you talking about something in snap?


im still confused but either way i still need to wait for the ip ban issue to get resolved sooo


Game/program development

OHH ok

Move this to #requests-to-the-community

There used to be a misc category, but after the tragic events of snapcon 2020, it was removed because the forum started to get out of hand. It was mainly removed to make the forum more about snap and programming.

You can go to #show-projects to get feedback for your projects. If you share your project at #show-projects then that means that people can see your projects and you can get feedback.

We do intend to introduce comments on projects and on profile pages. Two things stand in the way. One is that there are more urgent programming tasks, such as school accounts to satisfy FERPA rules; the other is that we don't have an army of moderators the way Scratch does; we pretty much have me.

And we're a little cautious because a while back we got a sudden influx of people who'd been banned by Scratch (not gonna get into the politics of that please) more or less all at once, and for the most part they wanted to chat rather than program, and in particular to arrange off-site meetings, which we really can't allow because, you know, just one disaster would shut us down.

I like to chat, too, and I don't think Jens would be so adamant about it if we hadn't had that history. (Well, also he doesn't like how the forum is dominated by discussion of extending Snap! with JS Functions rather than discussion of using the really quite extensive capabilities of Snap! itself.)

We have, I forget, tens of thousands of active users (measured by logins in the past month), and hardly any of them are on the forum, we think because it scares them away. Too much of a Real Programmer macho culture. I don't know if that's really true; we haven't done a user survey or anything.

Sorry, I'm rambling, it's 2am and I'm tired.

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