Car Engine V1

This is my first Physics/Car Engine. Other than DevSquare, which failed.

ANYWAYS, this is the first version of my Car Engine. Use it without permission. I mean, you have to include permission because of the licenses of Snap!, but...

Here's the engine.
I will try my best to update it so that you can add worlds or something like that. To make something like a top-down GTA game. Without the manslaughtering, cusses, swears, etc. I am not promoting murder for games on an otherwise kid friendly website.

the car goes a very large distance when just tapping forward because of the whole wait based velocity system
why use waits at all? i think it would make more sense to just increase/decrease velocity based on keys pressed and max it out at some value or something similar

Then just change it! IT'S OPEN SOURCE FOR A REASON

me changing it won't let you know why or even that i did it at all
snap doesn't have issues and pull requests like git hosts

why are you mad over this?

Well Snapinator isn't very good...also like I said Snap! is too fast.

i don't see what that has to do with it
the bug i'm talking about isn't because of snapinator it's because of the waits

watts?how does this have to do with snap?

please dont scream

waits, as in wait blocks.

whaa?Why would you want to use them?

asynchronous tasks

since you like javascript maybe read up on async await (and maybe see my Promises library)

yeah i did in that netblox cloud var thingy
but it was acheived by pausing the script then unpausing it javascriptically

what do you even mean by "javascriptally"?
javascript isn't a good adjective for things, not everyone writes javascript or even thinks of javascript in the way you do

Says you...

stop it or else we'll get both of us suspended

Fine, I will. Let's just get this over with without moderators telling us off.

thank you

Great !

Just a little problem: the car doesn't turn in the good direction in reverse mode