Can't load tools

Ok my students are having problem with the Import tools bar. It is not there to be used on Polygon when it is asking to use the import tools. We have tried logging in and out.

Judith McNeill
South Mecklenburg High School
Charlotte NC

Hi, welcome to the forum!

The curriculum pages that talk about importing tools are out of date as of Snap! 5.0; the tools are now there as soon as you start Snap!. (And they're a lot faster!)

So we need to download the new version of snap

It takes time, but it could be a problem if it took more than few hours.

No, you never have to download Snap!; your browser automatically runs the latest version. It's the curriculum pages that are out of date. Just ignore the part about importing tools.

(moved to its own new topic, as this didn't have anything to do with Snapp!)