Cannot scroll to bottom of project page (yes I know this has been posted before)

I'm making a second thread about this because I don't think the old thread really got a satisfactory answer, and this glitch makes it annoying to browse the site.

For me, after I start a project, I'm forcefully scrolled to the top of the screen, so I have to refresh the page to view collections and remixes. I don't think this is just a browser issue, as Snap is the only website that has this problem for me. By the way, this happens every time I load the page, so it isn't a one time occurrence.

I use Firefox. I'll try to figure out why this happens on my own at some point.

I use chrome and this happens to me, but in order to scroll down after starting a project, you can click in the space outside of the project, and then you can scroll. :)

Oh, thanks! I was unaware of that.

No problem :)

Yeah, this also happens to me. It needs to be fixed

(I was also the creator of the original topic about this, Weird scrolling, which is closed now.)