Cancel animation after clicked once

I'm working on a project right now, and I'm trying to get it so that when I click on "said button" it does a whole thing where my sprite appears and says dialogue, but I want it so that when back button is clicked and then I click the "said button" again. The dialogue and stuff doesn't happen, so it basically remembers that the person has clicked this before.
Not sure if this already exists, do let me know please and thank you :slight_smile:

Umm I guess you can have a variable FIRST TIME whose value is initially True, and the script when you push the button sets it to False, and put the whole script in an IF (FIRST TIME) ...

if you dont understand what @bh said show me the code and i can help u implement it

if ((first) = [true]::operators) :: control
your code here

How about just

it really doesn't matter

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