Can you add an option to make Snap!'s blocks in the scratch 3.0 style?

it'd be cool, since the 1.0 style makes the editor feel dull

Try flat design

understandable. but it'd be cool if scratch's custom blocks were a bit more like snap!'s

Click the settings gear in the top left, then "flat design"

or maybe something called...userscripts? :upside_down_face:

Not everyone can use something called...userscripts :smiley:

(This post is written under the assumption that userscripts, at least in this context, are bookmarklets that change the CSS of a HTML page or other looks of a page. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

I'm pretty sure everyone can use userscripts.

No, bookmarklets and userscripts are two different things.

While they both use javascript, they are, in fact, completely different things.

Please explain the difference to me. I thought that user scripts can be deployed through bookmarklets, and the term “userscript” just refers to a script made to inject custom code by a user.

Userscripts inject code, but it automatically does it for the website you set it to do. You can also inject small amounts of code with bookmarklets, but only basic stuff like changing the css and html and stuff. Also bookmarklets have to be used manually every. single. time.

Userscript is a generic concept. It means a way to alter an HTML page by a user viewing that page inside their own browser.

Bookmarklest is the basic form of userscript. Further enhancements are user script manager extensions - Greasmonkey, Tampermonkey to name a few.

Oh, okay, makes sense. Thanks.

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