Can we please have new rules about discrimination on the forums and in our sigs

I'm alive again I guess

wrong i started this to stop discrimination towards people like you,me,kumi,and foxi

oh...thanks...then i'm fine with it...

If this isn't a feature, it should be.

I really hope there aren't many cases of this happening though, so hopefully common sense can be the main factor behind stopping these comments

Are you folks flagging these as they come up?

There were 12 new flags this morning but none of them really fit the "discrimination" category. Rather, they were all flagging (as spam) discussions of flagging or of other people complaining about someone's post. -- That is, I could never trace back to the original bad post.

@theeric132 Stop ragging on furries. Official warning.

@zahra_kaito Complaining about Scratch is officially not allowed here; see the rules.

But I'm not seeing the racism and sexism that @herodooble2's original post complains about. I'm not saying it's not there; I'm saying I need to see flags on posts saying "racist" and/or "sexist." I can't keep up with your infinitely long off-topic hate sessions. Flag things.

I'M NOT! Well, at least, not anymore!

Someone's signature...not exactly a post.

Still. Flag it. once, making clear that it's the sig you object to.

not exactly sure how to flag a signature and not their posts though---

I mean, flag a post, check "other," and in the text say "racism in signature" or whatever it is.

@bh, I already stoped raging on furries.

Furries (only the dark side of them)

So, that doesn't count?

It's not that I don't believe you. It's that there's nothing I can do about vague generalities. Show us (by flagging) examples and we'll deal with it. Or email if you prefer, with screenshots.

Did I accidentally disable seeing signatures???
Or did they get disabled by mods?

EDIT: Oh....they actually disabled them.... 0.o

Thats the most logical thing right now

yeah.....i guess