Can we please have new rules about discrimination on the forums and in our sigs

This is a big one for me,because i feel like there aren't any rules stopping people from being racist or sexist etc in the forums and sigs.I really wanna just wanna cuss at the people who do this,especially because it makes my gf(@funtime_foxy101) feel unwelcomed on the site,and it makes me as well as others like me and my gf,feel the same way.Thank you for letting me post this topic

yeah, i don't know why people do this

wow, this already has so many votes

i have never seen a discriminatory sig here. saying that you dont like a certain game isnt discrimination, thats just an opinion.

if i said, "i dont like crabs," thats not discrimination against users who like crabs, thats just me stating an opinion.

someone had something saying they hate girls and furries. (yes ik kumi just said that, but we posted at the same time)

that project was taken down

also, wut would be "having an opinion" & wut would be "discrimination"? bc on scratch, saying this:

is considered "forcing your religion on2 others."

I find that slightly offensive

no i'm pretty sure i can say that in scratch and nobody would bat an eye, look i'm going to post that on my profile comments where nobody will see it but i don't know a better place to put it. i don't really know what people you hang around with in scratch because i've never seen people that i would think consider "god bless the usa" as forcing religion onto others.

i have never seen someone that said they hated women, ironically or not. i have seen people that said they hated furries though, ironically or not.

that was in an old topic in the old forums---it got deleted, the Snap! Memes one, where I got the fact that theeric hated females on his signature and asked him about it, so he changed it

[quote="equilibrium, post:10, topic:4453"]
also, wut would be "having an opinion" & wut would be "discrimination"? bc on scratch, saying this:
[/quote] "I don't like Danganronpa. I hate Kokichi. I'm just a boy. I'm not (insert certain sexuality here other than the male and female). STOP RELATING ME TO DANGANRONPA'S KOKICHI! I don't support LGBTQ+, but I won't be mean to people who ARE that, unless they force me to be like them. then i'll get aggressive. other than that, i'll be fine. i wouldn't mind learning good things about coding from them, even."
And you get banned for saying stuff like that. That's what I'm worried about. Because I'll just be back where i started, in a site full of meanies.
If that is what is going to happen here, on Snap, then i'm not exactly for this. And if it does happen, I'll leave.

jazakallah for your support, Equil!

that is SO true!

the Scratch Team are the fools who think that, sir.

oh, but, i'm just a slowpoke and a blockhead and a straight up idiot...There's no need to listen to anything i say, you know?

stop saying that PLEASE ur just being negative

Oh i'm actually surprised that they didn't temp. Goguardian block me from the forums..

it depends on where you say it. if you say even the word "god" on a black lives matter studio youll get called out as "forcing your beliefs on2 others." ive seen it happen.

now that i think abt it, maybe its just some users that will say that, not scratch itself. dunno, i mean, the community i was "in" was SEVERELY anti religion.

when i say "anti religion," i mean that they dont allow you 2 say the word "god." they support certain religions, but are against others, if you get my gist

then why do i feel like he started this because of me? because i said i hate Kokichi so much, i never want to see his name anywhere, and that i don't care what happens to him and it would be great if he just disappeared to hell, since he wants to go there so much? why do i feel like that? i'd like to hear it from hero himself. then i'll know the truth. for once i want the truth, not the lies, please.

could some1 answer this? bc we all have different beliefs on wut is "discrimation" & wutnot.

besides, discrimination (as in bullying) is already prohibited.

ok i have geography class rn so i gtg

are you saying that kumi is lying
*Breaths deeply*

okok fine

I don't like or hate furries. I only hate the dark side of them.

then you don't have to say anything abt it