Can this be made made easier to use?

So I have a reporter that reports a script

untitled script pic (88)

And I have this sequence block that allows me to use the reported script in a bigger sequence

untitled script pic (90)

but I'd like to make it easier to use i.e not have to have individual sequence slots

Something that looks like this but actually works :slight_smile:

untitled script pic (89)

Any ideas?

Sounds like a good idea, but I don't have anything to say that might help. I do hope you receive a suggestion!

run (script :: grey) :: control
say (position :: motion) for (1) secs :: looks

are you trying to something like this?
untitled script pic

At that point, wouldn't it just be easier to say
untitled script pic - 2023-04-10T141049.782

This is just the shortest example I can come up with.

The real project is using codification and so doesn't behave like normal Snap!

So I need the two scripts joining together before the combined script gets codified

Use SPLIT BY BLOCKS to pull apart the input, check for a block called IMPORT, and replace it with the contents of the desired script, I guess.

I can do all that but the problem is that I end up with the greyed ring
importTest script pic

and I'm unable to decode that to its contents

importTest script pic (1)

That's the operation that I don't seem able to come up with

I've worked it out :slight_smile: I needed to unringify a call to the ringifyed script reporter

importTestDev script pic (1)


By golly - that was a lot of trial and error :slight_smile:

Just need to make it handle multiple imports and then merge it back into my OpenSCAD codification project :slight_smile:

Version to handle multiple imports

importTestDev script pic (2)

importTestDev script pic (3)

Yeah, on my long-and-getting-longer list of tasks is to design a more user friendly wrapper around the existing metaprogramming stuff.

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