can the glitching be fixed

i made a game but its glitching so much you can't play it

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Please link the project so we know what exactly you're talking about

Can I have an link

it won't link

can you maybe send a screen shot of your project?

If there are certain characters in the project title (maybe [, ], (, or )), it can mess up the formatting with the Hyperlink (Ctrl+K) option in the forum. Try this:
<a href = "project URL">link label (e.g. project name)</a>

The reason it may not be linking may be it ends with a !, ?, ., etc. Punctuation makes Snap! think the link is done.

Can u make it link?

Actually Discourse

@spacer did you read at all

If you want to get someone's attention, you can mention them (@ sign + username, e.g. @helicoptur) which will send a notification.


here is the link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I hope this helps you

sorry but there isn't anything in it, I can't find the glitch

also the code doesn't work and it's impossible to play and it doesn't make sense and it can't even move so basically 100% glitch @sirhopsalot >:(

wat do u mean lol I'm confuzzeled halp also I have u on "ignored" so that might be a probelem

it worked just fine but laggy
controls are up and down arrows

ps: if the red ball is not on screen thats part of the bug

the red ball is what you play as