Can someone please fix the snap audio in mobile devises

I use snap in my iPad but the audio in my project doesn’t work

This is a bug for mobile users at snap so can anyone fix it?

I suggest you not to use Snap! Mobile otherwise you'd code slower than if you used a computer.

I personally only use snap mobile to quickly make some code, or to check out projects without the need to get on my computer. I never make long term projects on mobile. These might be the reasons why the OP was even on mobile, or, you know, he doesn't have access to a computer. Also, if there's a bug, it should be fixed.

To the topic:
This is actually a known issue, and has been reported a few times, not sure why it was never fixed though.

Probably because

media interface access on iPad and iPhone is somewhat of a moving target, mostly because Apple doesn't support web standards all the way. What I do to get audio to work is usually to switch to the costumes tab and click on the webcam button once and tell iPad to allow access to the webcam. Afterwards sounds and music work fine. It's a funny workaround but it solves the audio issue all the time.