Can some one please help me find out how to add a roof in a 3d game

im using the 3d engine from this link all credit of the 3d engine goes to @joecooldoo

Do you want a ceiling that changes height?

no not really i just want a ceiling that works like a normal ceiling, not like a moving one just a normal ceiling

What do you mean? The project you attached already has a ceiling.

i mean like one that like moves like you know how the walls like sort of stay in the same place instead of like the blue roof moving with you i want one that actualy looks realistic and is not just a solid color

Like a textured 3d ceiling? Sadly I wouldn't know how to do that.. Hopefully, someone will come along. :confused:

yeah hopefully

also i have another question, in this project Snap! Build Your Own Blocks is their a way anybody here can tell me how to change the brightness of the project

[offtopic] @oofpaste249 is that a remake of The Backrooms? [/offtopic]

kindof i want to try to make it but i dont know how to create a actual roof

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