Can I read the type of a variable?

Snap! has a function testing whether a variable is of a specific type:
Programming tools SANDBOX script pic 54.
Makes me wonder if there is a way to read a variable’s type, like:
Programming tools SANDBOX script pic 55?

E.g. to create error messages.

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untitled script pic - 2023-03-29T005937.425

@dardoro @jens : thanks, both!

BTW (jens): why can't I indicate a "solution" in this topic?

Rule 1 of the forums - NEVER tag Jens over forum issues :slight_smile:

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OK … who could I ask about this, then?

No need to ask - the forum guru's will see your post and will sort it out (or ignore is as they deem fit) :slight_smile:

If you feel strongly about it - post a Forum Bug report in the appropriate category :slight_smile:

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