Can i put my scratch stuff into snap

I am a scratch player and I want to show my stuff here because I have good games on scratch

You are welcome too! But we do mainly want to keep conversations Snap! related.

You can also use snapinator/

Welcome to Snap! :slight_smile:

Scratch stuff should be posted about on the Scratch forums.

I recommend reading through the Snap! manual and learning about all the advanced features of Snap! compared to Scratch

Some Scratch programs that are just cross-converted using Snapinator can end up running slower compared to their native Scratch version so no real advantage is gained in just doing that.

Just saying: Snapinator can NOT make blocks for certain functions like the TTS blocks and such. It also will change the font of some text in most projects. Trust me, I've had like 5 Snapinator-converted projects and only 2 of them had the same font they used to have.

I’ve had like 30 snapinator converted, yes I know, but it still converts it to snap…

This isn't snapinator's fault though. Snap just doesnt have the fonts, so in the SVG file, when it says <text font="pixel">text</text>, it will just come out as your default browser's font, since pixel font doesnt exist.

Ok then


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